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Primitiv kunst / Primitive Art

48195.    KJERSMEIER, CARL. Afrikanske Negerskulpturer/African Negro Sculpture. Illustrated. Copenhagen 1947. 4°. Publisher's boards with dustjacket. 86 pages.
Full text in Danish and English.  Bestil/Order via  DKK 200,-

48551.    NICOLAISEN, JOHANNES and JENS YDE. Art of Central Africa. Selected Works of Art from Central Africa in the Ethnographical Department of the Danish National Museum. Illustrated. Copenhagen 1972. 4°. Publisher's boards. 92 pages.
With full text in Danish and English.  Bestil/Order via  DKK 100,-

56556.    SCHELE, LINDA and MARY ELLEN MILLER. The Blood of Kings. Dynasty and Ritual in MAya Art. Illustrated. New York 1986. 4°. Publisher's cloth binding with dustjacket. 335 sider. Dust jacket covered with laminated plastic.  Bestil/Order via  DKK 200,-

78831.     TIL GUDER, ÅNDER OG ANER. Kunst fra Afrika i H.K.H. Prinsgemalens private samling. / AUX ANCÊTRES, AUS ESPRITS ET AUX DIEUX. La collection d'art african de Son Altesse Royale le Prince Consort. Published on occassion of the exhibition at Gl. Holtegaard and Silkeborg Kunstmuseum, 2009. 4°. Publisher's cloth binding with dustjacket. 159 pages.
Full text in Danish and French.  Bestil/Order via  DKK 150,-

35438.    WINTER-IRVING, CELIA. Stone Sculpture in Zimbabwe. Context, content and form. Illustrated. Harare 1991. 209 pages.  Bestil/Order via  DKK 150,-